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   Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
          This tapping system combines mental focus on a problem/issue while simultaneously tapping on key acupuncture points.  The system includes eye movements to access different quadrants of the brain as the connection between mind, emotion and body leads to a neutralizing effect of the stressor.  Roger Callahan, PhD is the founder of Thought Field Therapy,  the original tapping system from which Gary Craig created the Emotional Freedom Technique.    Suellen has adapted both systems to offer effective clearing from emotional reactivity, overwhelm and physical agitation.  
           This tapping technique actually clears original trauma at a body level,  which is a different way to think about stress reduction.  Rather than calming an upsetting reaction, the tapping processes actually access the "freeze"  point that trauma and deep stress can produce in our bodies,  mind, and emotions.   Once  trauma is neutralized in any way,  our natural healing process is re-established.   This means reconnection to  creativity,  problem-solving,  and  that most healing of abilities in each of us,  our sense of humor.

The Adapted TAPAS  
Acupressure Technique (TAT)
          This technique is an acupressure "pose",  no tapping involved, that allows the meridians of the body to open and clear as one attunes to a problem area.  Especially helpful with insomnia, nightmares,   ruminative thinking and other experiences of stress or trauma.   This system is designed by acupuncturist Tapas Fleming as a  multi-statement healing process to reach into the levels of presenting issues.   Suellen  introduces an adapted form of  TAT that uses the "pose" to release stress, connect to physical experience,  review traumatic material safely, and visualize desired outcomes.   The TAT combines powerfully with any practice that involves the movement of energy,  as in the Energy Clearing technique outlined below.

Energy Clearing
          This stress release process targets the heaviness, nervousness, agitation or pain you may be feeling at a physical level due to any sort of stressful experience.    The essence of this clearing technique is an ancient practice, learned by Suellen during her workshop  with Juan Nunez del Prado, an Andean Mystic and teacher.   Combined with the Tapas hold,  heavy energy is released down,  through the feet,  into the earth,  like water spiraling down a drain.   Through the crown of the head,  frenetic energy, stressful images, self incrimination/doubt and worry about the future is released up and out, like smoke  up a chimney.   Mental/emotional stress, as we well know,  manifests physically in our bodies.  
         This simple practice is an excellent way to start your day,  clear before any healing work,  and to help you sleep more comfortably through the night.   Deeply grounding and centering,  consider this process as a  means to settle into  spiritual practice more fully.

                                                     Reversal Tapping
          This technique is potent when entrenched beliefs are blocking progress to y0ur goals.   Learned in Suellen's training with Andrew Hahn and The Guided Self-Healing System,  reversal tapping is especially effective when you find that old beliefs about yourself, others and your life path are interfering with your healing intentions.
          This tapping system engages tapping,  eye movement that traces a pattern of the infinity symbol, and focus upon a healing statement that targets the belief you wish to change.   Very effective for neutralizing a negative charge to any belief, and opening up the mind and heart to new territory.

Light Forms: Protective Geometry
         Suellen created this original technique that combines  intention,  heartspace  energy,  geometric form and universal light.    Light Forms have many applications for shielding/protection from negativity;  clearing/cleansing your energy field; specific on-site healing for physical issues;  preparation/recovery from surgery;  mental overwhelm;   and emotional sensitivity.   Protecting your energy body can, and for many of us, should be,  part of  daily hygienic practice.   

At the heart of Integrated Counseling,  you will find techniques designed to heal and balance mind, heart, body and spirit.  These self-administered techniques primarily use intention (mind) and awareness (body) as the doorway to therapeutic change.
Suellen introduces energy techniques according to the educational and healing needs of the private session or class/workshop.   All techniques are woven into the session as needed, typically in response to emotional flooding,  mental anguish or physical pain.   Classes, workshops and circles will include these techniques in greater or lesser degree depending upon the focus and objectives of the gathering.
Hand-outs are given to clients and students to enable these techniques to be added to their own coping strategies.  
 Energy Techniques
Suellen Willi, LCSW
Key energy healing techniques 
in the Integrated Counseling system:
        This system is new on the scene of energy work,  founded by David Grand in his work with EMDR.  Brainspotting,  in essence,  is the constant gaze at a specific brainpoint,  selected by you and indicated through various  responses in your physical body.   It is a wonderful technique that brings you gently into your experience with a minimum of  effort.   So effective in releasing mental/emotional blocks,  physical pain,  or just plain 'stuckness' in your life.