Suellen offers private sessions to individuals (teens and adults), couples and families and has successfully treated issues of:

                                    Depression                                Anxiety
                                     Trauma                                      Grief/Loss
                                     Relationship Crisis                  Health Crisis
                                     Life Transitions                       Women's Issues                       

 The duration of therapy is dependent upon your presenting issues and your intentions.  For instance,  goals for symptom relief  (reducing anxiety, sleeping well, finding motivation, gaining clarity for decision-making, breaking through family conflict, etc.) would engender shorter term work,  while desire to change long-term patterns would involve a deeper, more profound level of intervention with concurrent longer term therapy.   You will find that shared focus on the mind, heart,  body and spirit assists the healing  journey to take shape quickly and brings renewed clarity for the best healing strategy for you at this time.

                 Many clients are interested in a cluster work approach, taking on aspects, or themes in their lives and spacing the therapeutic journey over months or years.  For example,  you may seek  therapy for current acute loss/grief/trauma experiences, and find this opens the door for deeper work now, or at a later time.   That as a sense of resolution builds,  your healing intention shifts from the relational, outer world to the less explored territory of your inner world.   This could mean addressing  relational patterns from childhood,  ferreting out and reshaping addictive patterns, addressing chronic trauma, exploring identity issues, or creating new visions for yourself and your future.     

Regardless of healing intention, the blend of  energy techniques into the counseling process creates a bridge to your intentions that allows you to calibrate the healing process safely, at your own speed,  for both short and longer term therapy.   

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Suellen Willi, LCSW
      Private Sessions  
   Suellen is no longer accepting insurance
Accepting cash, personal check or paypal

       3-session Energy Technique Class  
    $125  for adults  ($100 for adult repeat students)
$75 for teens ($50 for teen repeat students)



Women's Circles
 $20 per gathering

Women's Circle Day Journeys
$75/incl. lunch

Women's Retreats: Mt. Shasta
$295 - 395 dependent on 
accomodation choices

Private Sessions