Suellen has been in private practice in Grants Pass, Oregon since 1988.  
Bachelor of Arts, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH   
Master of Social Work,  Portland State University, Portland, OR  
Licensed as a Clinical Social Worker, State of Oregon  
She began her training in energy technique healing systems soon after becoming certified as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
Successful combination of traditional social work and energy techniques has produced this effective therapeutic approach.
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 "While the balancepoint  
that allows healing and growth 
is different for each of us,  the journey  to 
health and wholeness is a universal experience.  When we lose our way during times of stress, suffering, loss and fear, the opportunity arises to access our essential nature in powerful, life-changing ways.  Integrated counseling can assist us to heal the past,  restore perspective and regain the potency of our creativity."

-Suellen Willi,  LCSW

Suellen Willi, LCSW                                            541.479.1544

                        Specialized inner work and energy technique training includes:
                             Path to Self-Recognition Jan. 1996 - Feb. 1997   Teacher:  Radha Conrad
                             Essence Process and Enneagram  March 1997  Instructor:   Andrew Hahn, PhD
                             Guided Self-Healing  Fall 1997 - Spring 2000 Trainer Certification
                                                          Instructor:  Andrew Hahn, PhD
                             Energy Medicine  July 1999   Instructor:  Donna Eden
                            Thought Field Therapy   October 1999  Instructor:  Dr. Robert Bray
                            Thought Field Therapy   February 2000   Instructor:  Helen Tuggy, PhD
                            TAPAS Acupressure Technique   April 2001   Instructor:  Tapas Fleming
                            Andean Mysticism - 4th level Initiation  Jan. 2002  
                                                          Teacher:  Juan Nunez del Prado/sponsored by Stephen Victor
                           Hellinger Constellation Facilitator Training   February 2003 - Jan. 2004 
                                                          Instructor:  Stephen Victor
                            Philosophy of the Universal Beingness of the Whole  2000-2008;  Numerous
                                                         intensives, classes and study.  Teachers:  Tu Moonwalker,
                                                        Lane Saan Moonwalker,  Trudy Welte
                            Reiki I (Nov. 2008) and Reiki II (Feb. 2009)   Instructor:    Andrea Kremko, DD
                            Brainspotting November 2010  Instructor:  Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed.
                            Interpersonal Neurobiology Year Long Training 2013  Instructor: Bonnie Badenoch 
                            Interpersonal Neurobiology Year Long Training II 2014 Instructor: Bonnie Badenoch
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